Until The End

Until The End

Is a dramatic thriller Short film set in the war zone regions of the Middle East. The story follows Ryan, an atheist Canadian photographer determined to help the children in the area. But after Ryan is captured by ISIS terrorists lead by Abo Jihad It’s up to Ryan to his best to change the lives of the children in Jihad’s compound.


A Canadian Photographer travels to the war zone middle east. after he is captured by terrorists he must try his best to save the children of the compound.

Until The End is a dramatic thriller short film set in the war zone regions of the Middle East. The film opens with Ryan’s mission. To help, protect and free the children trapped and brainwashed by ISIS. Ryan is a young brave realistic atheist photographer who travels to the middle east with his college Dan. after a grueling 40 hours of travel the duo get to their hotel and are immediately captured by ISIS terrorists.

Ryan and Dan find themselves in an ISIS prison ruled by the driven and merciless Abo Jihad. Jihad has lights and camera’s set up and plans to have Dan and Ryan read a speech of film to threaten the USA. after a failed attempt from Dan, Jihad sacrifices him.

Jihad enters Ryan’s cell however he is surprised when Ryan puts on a brave face and questions Jihad about his beliefs. This angers Jihad who drags Ryan towards his doom. However, Ryan sees two children as he’s dragged. one appears violent as is armed. the younger, however, appears sympathetic and has Ryan’s camera. Ryan determined to help out the children as much as he can smiles at the child with his camera hoping to change a young life the best he can.

The Official Trailer of my new short film “Until The End” Special Thanks to everyone helped in this film.
Amr Moustafa
Ghada Moustafa
Thanks To Red Deer College
The Executive producers
Don Armstrong
Larry Reese
James Wilson
Glen Gaston
Tom Bradshaw
Trysten Luck As Ryan
Amr Moustafa As Abo Jihad
Tanner C R Chubb As Dan
Kayden Segura As Mahdi
Mark Magdy As Ahmed
Tyler Duffy
Michael. B
Dean Bloomfield
“Nicholas Saik” Nick Saik
Kim Beaulieu: 1st AD/weapons master/Construction manager
Shae Paterson: Camer “A” operator /Focus puller/Gaffer
Scott Milne: Camera “B” operator /Gaffer/1st Camera Assistant/Set Dec Assistant
Michael Diachuk: 2nd Camera”B” operator/Gaffer/1st Camera Assistant
Michael Bentley: Sound Recordist
Jason Steele: Sound Recordist/ Boom Operator
Mette van Klaveren: Set Dec Assistant/carpenter
Vanessa McCagg: Art Director Assistant/Wardrobe Supervisor/Set Dec Assistant
Naomi Akintilo: Art Director Assistant/2nd Ad
Nick Green: Grip
Julie Cloutier: Script supervisor/Set Dec Assistant
DeanZa Gillard: Photographer
Raemi Carlson: Specialist Makeup Effects Artist
Tanner C R Chubb: Set Dec Assistant/carpenter
Trysten Luck: Set Dec Assistant/carpenter
Special Thanks to
The King’s Coat
Scott Bloomfield
Music Composer
Hazem Kamha

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