My First Award In Canada.

I decided to design a page on my website named Awards, Not only to post the names of the awards I’ll win it but also to talk about my goals and messages behind my work. So let’s talk about the first and the most award I won here in my small city in Alberta.
A month ago I got an email from Marcelo Vilhena, one of my classmates and one of the great minds I met here. He offered me a part of his short film ” The life app.”
I read the script and i found it funny that encourage me to add more lines to make it even more fun, but I wasn’t sure if I can do this, the first day of the rehearsal I talked to Marcelo, and he was so easy to approach, and he gave me all the time to explain, we rehearsed and I added my few lines for me and the other character (Mikayla Howard, a tremendous actress ). We had a good time rehearsing and shooting, everyone was laughing but I was worried, many people here in Canada doubted that I could make the Canadians laugh , they keep talking about the different culture and what makes me laugh doesn’t necessarily make them laugh, I use to reply by one sentence, if you know the formula of laughter then you can make it anywhere in the world.
Week ago we showed the film in the small theater for our families, and I got my first award when people laughed at the lines I wrote.
Forget about the money, the Oscar the best actor or best director. Those giggles were the most important award in my life and guess what. I’ll get those awards every time someone watches my work.
Bless those who make us laugh, bless those giggles.

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