I meet this lady at Edmonton short film festival 2017, she came to me, told me some things about my past and my future, watched my short film and left. […]

The Guardians

The Guardians is a short documentary focused on the K’ómoks Guardian Watchmen of Vancouver Island, and the legend of Queneesh, a great whale of West Coast folklore, who saved the […]


ONE WAY IN, NO WAY OUT. THIS WILL TAKE A LIFETIME After waking up in an abandoned cellar, a desperate man finds himself trapped and alone with his vulnerabilities in the dark. […]

I decided to design a page on my website named Awards, Not only to post the names of the awards I’ll win it but also to talk about my goals […]

Angels Strike

Angels Strike A Story by Amr Moustafa Alexandrian Friday, December 2nd/2016. LOGLINE: The seven archangels decides to stand against God and go on strike to force him to interfere in […]

Don't be a number

” Don’t be a number.” A Short Film Story and screenplay by Amr Moustafa Director: Amr Moustafa In Progress a short film face the physical and sexual violence against women […]

When we Listen

  When We Listen A Film By Amr “Alexandrian” Moustafa       My story was chosen to be shot in the winter term of MPA program at RDC. I […]

” The Chance ” A Short film Story by Ranjit Mullakady ( screenplay) by Amr Moustafa a possibility of directing it ” Don’t be a number.” A Short Film Story […]

Angels Strike Pitch

Angels Strike Today I had a chance to pitch my idea of a feature film to the gorgeous writer  Carrie Gaur and the brilliant Emmy award-winning filmmaker Mike Jorgensen and the […]